First 100 Days

Just over three months have passed since PeakBucket went live. We’d like to take this opportunity to give you a look back at what’s happened on the site thus far, in addition to giving you a look ahead at what you’ll be seeing in the very near future.


users have signed up from countries, including U.S. states and the capital. The top 10 user locations so far are:


We've grown from to peaks, and our users have logged summits. The top 10 most summited peaks so far are:


We've grown from to lists. The top 10 most pursued lists so far are:

Completion Styles

PeakBucket users like completion styles. of list progress entries logged so far are for Winter, Four Season and Grid finishes:


Of the activities PeakBucket users have logged so far, included distance and elevation gain. Here are the total stats for those activities:



times the distance across the U.S.

Elevation Gain


times the elevation of Mount Everest

Coming Soon on PeakBucket

PeakBucket continues to be a work in progress. We’re perpetually adding peaks and lists; if there’s a particular peak or list that you’d like to see on the site, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re also hard at work on a number of new features, including an enhanced user profile, activity comments, companions and more. As always, we welcome your feedback, so please let us know what you’d like to see on PeakBucket!

– Colin & Max

Posted February 17, 2016